3 secrets to mascarpone heaven

Mascarpone cream is one sublime thing of life. It’s also my absolute forte. And it is very simple. Here is how you do it.


  • 4.5 tablespoon of sugar, the evil refined white one I’m afraid
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 250g of mascarpone, I always try to buy the Italian brand if available
  • 70g double cream
  • brandy

Mix together the egg yolks with the sugar until you have a light-yellow mixture. Add the mascarpone and mix together. If you use an electric mixer stay on the lower scale and don’t go too fast. Mascarpone is a delicate affair.

Secret #1 – add some brandy to the mix, as much as you want, be mindful it will make the cream more liquid. Find your balance!

Secret #2 – whip the double cream in a separate bowl and incorporate. Balance is key also here! It’s a matter of taste how much or how little cream suits you.

Secret #3 – mascarpone cream needs time like a beautiful flower. Allow 48 hours rest in the fridge before you serve. I like to let it rest in a glass jar.

After 48 hours it reaches its perfect state and you can serve 4 or 5 portions with this amount. It will still be ok also the next day.


Photo credit: I haven’t learned to take good food photos yet (it’s an art!) so the photo is from the Italian recipes website http://www.cucchiaio.it.

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