Eggs are not just for Easter

I wrote this for the The Oneness Movement, a new wellness platform my friend Joanna Harris just brought into the world.

Have you ever heard about the jade egg? It is a little object carved from the green stone ‘jade’ in the shape and rough same size of an ‘egg’. It is in reality something more famous than known and a tool which belongs to the ancient tradition of the Tao sexual practices.

Taoism is one of the main philosophical and religious traditions originating in China around the 6th-4th BC. In simple terms the Tao is described as ‘the path of living in harmony with nature’ and has influenced many aspects of Chinese culture including astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and several forms of qigoing and martial arts. I’m writing this as an absolute beginner with only a very inquisitive mind and a few months of practice so I’ll tell you more about my experience.

I was drawn to the jade egg after two wise friends mentioned to me the concept of cultivating one’s sexual energy. Initially I didn’t even fully understand what exactly were they talking about and what was that supposed to do for me? I bought a book, a workshop and an online course to find out.

One of the first things I learned is that sexual energy is the most vital and creative energy that we hold in our body. Think for example about the energy you get from food or from a good night sleep. Sexual energy is similar, but it is generated by us and that’s why is so fundamental. It runs through us and supports our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Even if the word ‘sexual’ might evoke sex, really the practice has very little to do with what ‘sexual’ might look like in the movies or advertising – sorry to disappoint!

The practice comprises of a series of exercises. They are mostly breathing exercises, using imagination to feel and draw your breath to the organs in your body, making sounds while exhaling, very light touch of the body, and simple movements very similar to mat pilates. Some exercises can be practised with the jade egg in your yoni (which in Sanskrit means ‘sacred space’ and it’s your vagina). Some of the latter have been adopted by the Western scientific world and are known as Kegel exercises. They aim at tightening the pelvic muscles after giving birth or menopause.

Here is what the practice is doing for me:

  • creating a deeper connection with myself, sometimes we see ourselves as our external belongings, achievements or our thoughts; this is a journey inside the body instead, it’s about learning to feel your own body
  • as no man is an island, a deeper connection with myself also means developing a deeper connection with the world around me
  • creating a sense of aliveness and more physical energy throughout the day
  • bringing a glimpse of what true yin / feminine energy feels like and how it is interrelated with my sensuality and sexuality
  • opening up a whole new way to relate to men, more direct, open and vulnerable
  • noticing the differences between my energy and men’s energy, how these energies meet and distinguish more easily what’s healthy and safe
  • easier and more prolonged orgasms because I’m more attuned to feeling the energy in me
  • a new level of creativity and creative connections
  • lots of laughs with my friends and wonderful conversations

How does the jade egg feel like? I suspect you might be asking yourself this question at this point. Well, it’s not something that feels much, it’s more like a light thrill. It’s a subtle presence of something. It’s very light and not invasive whist at the same time it leaves a sense of contentment.

My jade egg and the reflection of me in it, shot at home.

Overall, the goal of the jade egg practice is harmony and equilibrium. It creates harmony between the yang masculine (fire) and the yin female (water) energies that are in each of us. There are also Tao exercises specifically designed for men.

I have absolutely no logical explanation for how a little stone egg and few movements combined with breathing can bring so much impact but I’m observing tangible and real results. It does what it says on the tin and in a short amount of time. Perhaps logic isn’t needed.

Ultimately, I think that it is really an invitation to inquire in our own universe, discover what’s there right now and witness what can unfold.

It is also important to note that many discourage the use of the jade egg. I can’t report any negative experiences or effects so far. My advice would be to use your judgment, work with a qualified teacher and find what works for you.

Photo credit: iStock/gpointstudio.

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